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test Broadcast Date 1/19/2014 Karl Welz Talks about Autogenic Training and shows new devices.
test Broadcast Date 9/3/2011 Karl Welz Intro to runes. A list of questions can be found by clicking here (I've removed usernames associated with the questions)
Intro to Runes
Karl Hans Welz gives an Intro to Runes
Broadcast Date: 11/5/2010: Karl Hans Welz gives an introduction to runes. Mentioned in the broadcast: Rune Magick course and get a free transfer test to work with the rune exercises:

November Advanced Seminar Schedule Visit the preceding link for the schedule of advanced seminars. Topics include, cosmic consciousness, clearing negativity, magic of the future and advanced autogenic training. Seminars last 3+ hours each and cost $69.00 - $99.00

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New Approach to Autogenic Training
Karl Hans Welz speaks on Autogenic Training. Websites of interest: , and for a free transfer test of chi energy
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Magic of the Future
Magic of the Future: a scientific approach to action at a distance, as it has been practiced from the earliest beginnings of humankind. Websites of interest: for the original magick of the future course, for the new magic of the future course in video format, for a free transfer test of chi energy by email to help with your magic.
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Autogenic Training
you can master it very rapidly with the help of life energy: go to to download a free chi transfer card before starting with this mini seminar.
Cosmic Consciousness
Cosmic Consciousness
Course in Cosmic Consciousness

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