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Note about these live broadcasts: After paying by paypal to reserve your spot for the live broadcast, a few days before the broadcast date, you will receive by email a username/password to login to the area of the site where the broadcasts are held. You will have access to a chatroom there to interact with others and to ask Karl Hans Welz questions during the broadcast. You will also be sent a chi card, if you don't already own a chi generator of your own.
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Operations to Enhance Relationships, Get a Soulmate, Reunite with an Ex
Date Sunday 10/21/2012:
Topic: Karl Hans Welz gives a seminar about operations to enhance relationships, for reuniting or to get the soul mate, etc.
Time: Noon Eastern US - 3 PM Eastern US
Cost: $24.00 USD

This Broadcast is Over, but you can still access the recorded video. As a free bonus, you get access to 12 filters (images) for working on relationships. In addition, you'll receive this broadcast in mp3 format.

Note from Karl: This includes general psychological information about human relationships in general. Some of the things, which I have to tell, not everybody may like, and I think this info is extremely important, whether you like it or not. In fact, it can carry the key for you to get a fulfilling true relationship, which is great for all involved. After the introduction and explaining the methods, there will be a question and answer session. Time Noon Eastern US - 3 PM Eastern $24.00, click add to cart below:

Cosmic Consciousness Broadcast Access to Past Broadcast
Date Saturday 11/6: Karl Hans Welz An advanced approach to cosmic consciousness - Mastery within 3 hours, using chi energy - linked to one of our generators unless you have your own - 1 PM US Eastern Time/ 18:00 CET. $69.00

Cost $69.00
Note: this broadcast is over, but you can get access to the recording for $29.00 for a 2 week period. This will give you time to view the 3 hour broadcast and go through the meditation everyone went through with the live broadcast. You will be e-mailed the location of the broadcast and a username/password to access it.

Cost of broadcast recording: $69.00 $29.00, click add to cart below:
Clearing Negativity Broadcast

Note: This live broadcast has passed but you can get access to the recorded broadcast for $19.00. This broadcast lasted close to 4 hours. It's full of information. You will be e-mailed the url to access the recording along with a username/password to access it for a 3 week period. This will give you the time to view it and absorb the information at your leisure.
Cost of recorded broadcast: $69.00 $19.00, click add to cart below: