1. is there a link between aramaic or ancient language and runes?
  2. for certain mantras, sometimes you describe them as long IS : "Isssssiiiiisssssiiiiiissssss" or MAN : "MaaaaANnnnnn-AAAAOuuuuuoooo mmmmmm-Maaaannnnniiii-Paaaaddddmmmmeeeee-Huuuummmmmm" but in other sections of the course, such as in the yoga course, you give a shorter mantra which is, actually, the name of the rune itself "IiiiiiSSSSSS" or "MMMMaaaaannnnnnnn". Which version has the power to draw the Rune energy, the developed one or the "simple" one ?
  3. My wife and me would like to have twins, can the runes help with this, and how?
  4. OK my hand is over the papper do I still keep it there?
  5. When we tune into a rune do we become in control of that particular energy?
  6. in the yoga you give "MAN" as a mantra but in the main course you give a longer mantra MAN OM MANI Padme OM same for IS IS in the yoga but IS-IS in the Rune course 2 different pronunciations then ?
  7. my question is complex, I would like to know if is possible to store or concentrate all energy generated by a lot of people like when lots of people in a studium screem goal in a soccer game, is it possible to store or use all the energy to a specific purpose?
  8. When we tune into a rune do we become in control of that particular energy? to cocreate with that creative energy?
  9. In courses there was two runic circles described - with all 18 and with 16 plus two last runes in the center. Is the two circles equivalent or are used for different purposes?
  10. the words of angel and arkangel are just forms of saying that there are nergies on the universe? When someone uses the orgon is just a way of use the laws of the universe as this person please or would like?
  11. The Hammer of Thor is a new tool to me compared to the traditional ones in Kabbalah. I can imagine which dagger or cup or rod to take, in order to place on the altar, but what is a Hammer of Thor per se ?
  12. i understand we are energy, and when someone dies, can the dead person is capable of receiving energy with the orgon machine? and how?
  13. when saying a mantra, vowels are easy to pronounce but it's much more difficult (impossible ?) with consonants. Example : how can you say Bbbbbbbbbbb (in BAR) or Kkkkkkkkk in KA ? seems impossible. I guess it's more a pronunciation of an explosive "K" or "B"
  14. Is meaning of a rune modified in different positions like upright, reverse or lying?
  15. can one save or store the counsious in this life to the next recarnation?
  16. I have no problem understanding English but I don't get, in Odin's poem, the meaning of "And deed shaped to deeds with deeds." sometimes I can't control my inner Realm. Some elements appear and don't want to move according to my will
  17. Wouldn't the inner and outer rune relm just help in allocating more mental focus and thus concious energy into the entire process?
  18. If one cannot have an outer realm because of the lack of space, would be effective only with internal visualisation? I myself am not comfortable with rituals...
  19. One thing I have done with my inner realm is make different levels, where one would have elements perhaps in geometic shapes, then above in the next "room" the runes, then above that entities associated with it and then finally yourself in the center. Do you think this effective?
  20. can the runes be use for health?
  21. what is needed to join?
  22. I am interested in leaving this realm in a conscious state - do you see how runes would help this quest I mean - when I "die" not doing an OBE as now
  23. which rune can be use to attract the females?
  24. Is Realm of Creation what Franz Bardon called Akasha ?
  25. can u use different runes together...as differen trends..?
  26. In the kuji in system practicing the first seal (syllable) rin can raise body temperature. Has anyone had any experience in the runes causing cooling or heating effects in the body?
  27. OTHIL is a variation of OS as explained in the course. So when would you advise to use one or the other Rune ? Is there a creative or practical difference between OS and OTHIL ?
  28. why is the rudolf book important for the basis of rune study? the one you translated
  29. Could you translate the rune sounds into notes and then arrange musical scales or compositions to add to or cast trends with?
  30. I have a bag of 24 runes which ones do you not use? a blank one is in the bag to.
  31. I've made a set from precious metal clay - so far I've tried copper and bronze.
  32. I think bamboo is an interesting thing to use because of the uniqueness of the structures of the bamboo and its thriving energy, and is extremely hard and durable and easy to split into shapes
  33. So germanic deities were created by people who learned to use runes in order to channel those energies ?
  34. How much will be the fee to join the class?
  35. I think it would be great to make your own amulet and engrave the 18 runes in a circle with a symbol for yourself in the center then use that symbol on a chi generator to link them
  36. what are your thoughts on aluminum for chi generators or orgonite?
  37. bind rune ?
  38. That runic talsiman with 6-ray star and bind runes from the course - what is it's purpose/use?
  39. On the forum in the past the subject of programming water using a trend and charging with the chi generator, I wonder it along with the runes you could program the glasses of water to specific runes and drink the water to have more effect on yourself
  40. why not Thorn as it develops personal aura ?