Sadly, Karl Hans Welz passed away 12/20/21. We have his videos here as part of the vast legacy he's left with us.

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How to Radionics. Questions and answers with Karl Hans Welz

Karl Welz Intro to Runes

Karl Welz gives an intro to runes. Mentioned in broadcast rune course and get a free transfer test

Karl Welz talks about how to use chi generators to reunite with your love

Karl Welz on cosmic consciousness

Karl Welz on autogenic training

Karl Welz on Magic of the Future: a scientific approach to action at a distance, as it has been practiced from the earliest beginnings of humankind.

Karl Welz on Autogenic training: you can master it very rapidly with the help of life energy: go to http://www.chitransfertest.comto download a free chi transfer card before starting with this mini seminar.

Chi Energy Boosted Sports Performance, Body Building, weight management, etc.

Broadcast in German: Erfolgsstrategien

Course in Cosmic Consciousness

Karl Hans Welz speaks on gambling with numbers with the help of lucid dreaming

Broadcast in German - Radionik der Zukunft

A new approach to radionics