The Invention of the Chi Generator® by Karl Hans Welz
led to a Revolution of Life Energy Technologies for Body and Mind
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test Broadcast Date: 3/12/2016
Topic: How to: Radionics. Question and Answer with Karl Hans Welz
test Broadcast Date 9/3 Karl Welz Intro to runes. A list of questions can be found by clicking here I have removed the usernames associated with the questions.
Intro to Runes
Karl Hans Welz gives an Intro to Runes
Broadcast Date: 11/5/2010: Karl Hans Welz gives an introduction to runes. Mentioned in the broadcast: Rune Magick course and get a free transfer test to work with the rune exercises:
How to reunite with your love using a chi generator
Using a chi generator to reunite with your love
Broadcast Date 5/29/10: Karl Hans Welz talks about how to use chi generators to reunite with your love
Cosmic Consciosness
5/16 Karl Hans Welz on Cosmic Consciousness
Broadcast date: 5/16/2010. Karl Hans Welz on Cosmic Consciousness
Karl Hans Welz on Autogenic Training
New Approach to Autogenic Training
Broadcast date: 5/2/2010. Karl Hans Welz speaks on Autogenic Training.
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Magic of the Future
Magic of the Future: a scientific approach to action at a distance, as it has been practiced from the earliest beginnings of humankind.
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Autogenic Training
you can master it very rapidly with the help of life energy: go to to download a free chi transfer card before starting with this mini seminar.
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Chi Energy for Sports
Chi Energy Boosted Sports Performance, Body Building, weight management, etc.
Cosmic Consciousness
Cosmic Consciousness
Course in Cosmic Consciousness
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Broadcast in German: Erfolgsstrategien
Gambling with Lucid Dreaming Broadcast
Gambling with Numbers
Karl Hans Welz on Gambling with Numbers with the help of lucid dreaming, Broadcast III
radionik german broadcast
Radionik der Zukunft
Broadcast in German - Radionik der Zukunft
Gambling with Lucid Dreaming Broadcast
New radionics
A new approach to radionics